Gasthaus is holding a contest for the 2024 Oktoberfest logo, which will be placed on buttons, steins, and other materials. The theme for this year’s Oktoberfest is “A Tribute To Artie Schaefer.” The contest is free to enter and the winner will be awarded a $100 gift card. To be a contestant, submit your name, telephone number, and original camera-ready artwork to the upstairs bartender during regular business hours. The contest closes at 6pm on June 16, 2024, with the winner announced later that same week.

Reservations Strongly Advised:
Call 651-439-7128

The Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter offers a full-service 12-tap bar with German imports, cocktails, and dining in the forest of pines. Our full service restaurant is accessible to our guests who use the Browns Creek Trail. Enjoy a drink on our expanded cedar deck and in the meadow. You can reach the Gasthaus by walking, biking, skiing, snowshoe, horseback, snowmobile, car, motorcycle, and even helicopter!

All Are Welcome

Gasthaus’ Happy Hour is Wednesday thru Friday from 2pm-5pm (available at the bar only). The Landshuterstube is open from 6:30pm to 10pm Wednesday thru Sunday and serving most drinks at $2 off regular menu price!