2024 Biergarten

Presented by Hammer-Schlagen®, the world’s most famous nail driving game, Gasthaus’ Biergarten is open on Saturdays and Sundays from June thru August between noon and 6pm. Come enjoy a few Gasthaus Radlers on our front meadow both before and after eating one of the chef’s daily lunch and dinner specials.

Our Biergarten is a free, cash only, outdoor event, and subject to weather.


Come out and listen to original compositions and public domain music performed by these great artists!

June 1 (Sat): Locklin Road
June 2 (Sun): Everett Smithson
June 8 (Sat): Switched At Birth
June 9 (Sun): Irish Brigade
June 15 (Sat): Wild Cat Combo
June 16 (Sun): Morning Bird
June 22 (Sat): Stir Krazy
June 23 (Sun): Lehto & Wright
June 29 (Sat): VetsFest 2024:
Pat McLaughlin Band &
Tim Sigler Band
June 30 (Sun): VetsFest 2024:
Paul Mayasich &
Annika Chambers & Paul DesLauries
July 6 (Sat): Irish Brigade
July 7 (Sun): Locklin Road
July 13 (Sat): Roger Lee
July 14 (Sun): The Jolly Huntsmen
July 20 (Sat): Tim Sigler Band
July 21 (Sun): The Dire Wolf
July 27 (Sat): Stir Krazy
July 28 (Sun): Galactic Cowboy Orchestra
August 3 (Sat): Switched At Birth
August 4 (Sun): Irish Brigade
August 10 (Sat): The Jolly Huntsmen
August 11 (Sun):  
August 17 (Sat): Pat McLaughlin Band
August 18 (Sun): Paul Mayasich
August 24 (Sat):   Twin Cities Brass Band (Offered)
August 25 (Sun): Everett Smithson
August 31 (Sat): Locklin Road
September 1 (Sun): Bill Koncar Band
(Bands scheduled from 1pm to 5pm; cancelation may occur due to inclement weather.)

Food & Drink:

Hefe Weizen, Lager, Pils, Oktoberfest Märzen
Diet CokeHotdogs
Oktoberfestbier Pony Kegs
7-UpSoft Pretzels
Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot
Weihenstephaner N/AHard Pretzels
Prosecco, Moscato
Gasthaus Radlers
Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Bloody
High Noon Seltzer
Pineapple, Peach
(Food and drink subject to change. For complete details, see onsite menu.)