Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter
8390 Lofton Ave N
Grant, MN 55082

New, Unique Gasthaus Radlers Enjoyed Best With Outdoor Music

-- It has been just over ten weeks since the Grand Re-Opening of the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater, Minn. “With our ability to serve food and drink both inside and out,” Gasthaus proprietor Jimmy Martin announces, “we can now focus on producing the events that our community has come to love and enjoy.” The first announced this week is outdoor music, the line-up thru the end of September can be found on Gasthaus’ website, <>. But, that’s not the only exciting news!

“Gasthaus has sold Paulaner’s canned Grapefruit Radlers for years,” says Martin, “which is essentially beer that tastes like grapefruit juice. They’re mighty popular and pretty tasty on a hot Summer’s day!” Martin explains the Radlermass (roughly translating to “liters for bicyclists”) was created in 1922 by Franz Kugler of Deisenhofen (Germany) [link]. When Kugler’s tiny tavern was overwhelmed by thousands of bicyclists, he thinned his beer with homemade lemon pop to keep from running out. “About two weeks ago,” says Martin, “Gasthaus bartenders—Chad, Brian, and Matthew—created a proprietary line of these tasty treats. They freshly squeeze lemons, limes, and grapefruits in the morning and have perfected three juice blends. Additionally, Chad perfected a bloody-mary blend.” Martin explains these four recipes have been specifically developed by the bartending trio to be flawlessly mixed with Hefe Weizen. Each of the four Gasthaus Radlers can be purchased together as a sampler, or independently in half and full liters. “I know breweries have bottled Radlers in the past, but I don’t know of anyone who sells them freshly squeezed,” says Martin, “It’s extreamly labor intensive, but well worth it. Ask around, and those who’ve had one will tell you a Gasthaus Radler is absolutely amazing!” Martin says that over 200 have already been sold.

Martin does not think Radlers have ever appeared at Gasthaus, so their introduction begs the question: is Gasthaus in the same position as Franz Kugler? Martin and his crew have already served 17,083 guests and poured 8,649 liters of beer in just 56-days of operation. This might lead one to think the imported malt beverages are in high demand at Gasthaus and in short supply. But, Martin says no, and encourages, “On behalf of the Gasthaus family, we welcome you to eat great food, listen to awesome music, and try all four of our new Gasthaus Radlers!”

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