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The Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter is a family owned and operated German restaurant nestled in a pine forest since 1966. Built in the rolling hills that reminded him of his native Bavaria The Gasthaus is the vision and dream of Karl Schoene and his wife Elizabeth. Immigrating to St. Paul with their family in 1957 Karl and Elizabeth worked and looked for a place to build their dream in America. The Gasthaus land was purchased in 1963.

Construction began a few years later and The Gasthaus was opened in July 1966 with the family moving into ½ the building- what is now known as the Green Room. Elizabeth did the cooking on weekends to start, Karl the hosting and daughter Irmgaard serving and assisting wherever needed. Carl Jr. was 12 at the time. 1971 brought many changes with the loss of Elizabeth to cancer. (Many of her original recipes are still used today). Karl later re-married and Carl jr. became more involved in cooking and daily operations of the business. In 1984 the addition of another dining room was added and it’s what is now known as the blue room. Also in 1984 Carl met Kim and they married in 1986. Carl and Kim purchased the business in 1986 from Karl who then retired but continued on hosting his friends and loyal customers. 1987 was the year of a tragic fire that destroyed The Gasthaus. Carl and Kim rebuilt The Gasthaus to the building you see today and re-opened in May 1988.

It was a long hard year but with the outpouring of community support, friends, family and customers we knew The Gasthaus traditions must continue. The loss of Karl Sr. in 1998 brought much sadness from his many friends and customers, his presence can still be felt in the Gasthaus. 2003 brought yet another devastating loss with the sudden passing of Carl Jr. it saddened and shocked all that knew and loved his kind, loving and gentle ways. Carl is missed each and everyday, especially during Oktoberfest – it was his favorite time of year (except for snowmobiling!) and he grew the festival to the huge tradition and success it is today. Kim and her many loyal staff has vowed to carry on in Carl’s spirit to provide the same great food, atmosphere and Gemütlichkeit that all our guest have come to expect over the past 50 years. danke schön and Prosit!!! 

To 55 more years of Old World Hospitality!!!

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