Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter
8390 Lofton Ave N
Grant, MN 55082

Gasthaus Announces 2024 Oktoberfest Logo Contest Winner

With a theme of “A Tribute To Artie Schaefer,” the Gasthaus 2024 Oktoberfest logo contest closed at 6pm on Sunday. Eight entries were judged for five days by observing the works without knowledge of the artists submitting them. Congratulations to Stefani Kiihn of Roseville, Minnesota, whose submission won her a $100 gift card. Her art will appear on buttons, steins, and other materials in promotion of this year’s Oktoberfest.

Artie Schaefer, who passed in 2022, was the voice of the Gasthaus’ Oktoberfest for decades. His band’s rendition of “Ein Prosit der Gem├╝tlichkeit” (“A Toast to Comfort”) was especially well-known. He was a community staple serving as a member of the Washington County Board, Grant Township clerk, the premier entertainer of festivities throughout the year, and a regular at the Gasthaus.

Mrs. Kiihn’s submission depicts a young Artie holding a drumstick encircled with the phrase of the well-known toast he sung with the Gasthaus in its background. Though her works are primarily maps drawn in pen and ink, her submission reflects the investigation she completed in order to describe the history of the subject art. Stefanie, who grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. She exhibits locally and regionally.

My drawing A Tribute to Artie Schaefer remembers the polka and joy that Artie Schaefer brought to audiences through out his life. His portrait is based off a 1965 photo of him as a young man. I placed him in front of the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter as it looked near the time he established the Artie Schaefer Band. Artie drummed his way through more than 2,000 country and western and polka music gigs, at the same time balancing his work as an insurance agent and county commissioner. He shared polka and waltzes and chicken dances with crowds at the Gasthaus for over three decades. I’m honored my drawing will commemorate Artie at the 2024 Oktoberfest at the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter and hope that we all raise a toast to Artie’s life!

Stefani Kiihn

The well-known German-themed restaurant will be holding its Oktoberfest on September 13-15 and 20-22.

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